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Launched in 1998 and recognized as the service that put the voice over industry online, Voicebank.net’s voice over audition system is the most widely used casting software on the Web for sourcing agency represented voice talent.

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Voicebank.net is designed for ad agencies, broadcast producers, casting directors, and creatives.
  • Securely cast and manage all of your voice over projects.
  • Connect to 200+ top voice over talent agencies.
  • Review, select, and approve auditions from agencies.
  • Search and listen to voice over demos from top global voice actors.

Voice Over Talent Agency?

Join other top voice over talent agencies receiving opportunities daily.
  • Gain exclusive access to projects being cast by 2000+ global clients.
  • Create an online profile for your talent agency.
  • Showcase your voice actors and control which demos are featured.
  • Securely and quickly deliver and manage your daily voice over auditions.

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Voicebank.net is the most widely used casting site for sourcing agency represented voice talent.